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UV Slider™

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Style: Bridgelock
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Experience UV Slider™ - the ultimate bowhunting sight. Designed with enhanced ergonomics to provide lethal functionality.

UV Slider™ establishes a new benchmark for sliding sights with innovations such as DualDial™, TripleMark™, and QuickBreak™ ensuring unparalleled precision. With these innovations, UV Slider™ allows you to stay focused in the moment – to make chaos stand still.


DualDial™ ergonomics define UV Slider™. Driven by a

concentric dial architecture with zero backlash and optimized

gear ratio, UV Slider™ touts effortless adjustments with a

single turn of the dial. Conveniently lock and unlock both elevation and windage with

strategically placed, easy to reach locks. DualDial™ is the most

user-friendly sight adjustment system on the market.

TripleMark™ is a unified pin and indicator pairing solution that

makes every pin a floating pin – guaranteeing precision at any

distance. The indicator pins are ultra-fine and close to the tape

for increased accuracy. (pins are .015)

QuickBreakTM allows for quick breakdown of the sight and

scope unit from the vertical rail, making traveling and cleaning

easy for when distant hunts get dirty.

Additional Features

UV3XL™ SE is the acclaimed scope system optimized for UV Slider™. UV3XL™ Slider Edition offers superior functionalities and enhanced ease of use with an integrated, removable light cartridge for consistent pin brightness. Utilizing our patented UV Cartridge system, it enables effortless pin-count and pin-size modifications without adjusting sight marks.

Twin Sight Tapes for always-visible yardage marks on both sides of the sight.

Pre-aligned 2nd axis with micro-adjust 1st and 3rd. Out of the box, UV Slider™ has pre-leveled 1st and 3rd axes; the 2nd axis remains level if the 1st is set. The 1st and 3rd axes also feature micro-adjustments with tactile, spring-assisted feedback making leveling fast and easy.

The Anti-Backlash design in UV Slider™ eliminates uncertainty, guaranteeing precision, smoothness, and reliability for an unrivaled performance.

BridgeLock, Picatinny and Side Mount options provide seamless and optimized integration with all bows. Each mounting option has been specially designed to balance the center of gravity in-line with the mounting rail which improves overall stability and lowers vibration.

Also includes: 140yd sight tapes, Compact travel case, White Alignment ring, Black No-Light Cap, and pre-installed batteries

*only available with Bridgelock bar on BEEREAL MERCH

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    UV Slider™
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