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UV Thumb Peg

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Color: Carbon Gray
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Compatible with hinge and button style releases made by all brands including ULTRAVIEW, TRU Ball, Scott, Carter, Tru-Fire, B3, Spot Hogg, etc. 
  • Comes with all hardware needed, 8-32, 6-32 and 5-40 mounting bolts and 6-32, 5-40 nuts. 
  • It will not mount onto STAN Hinge releases.
  • Use it as a thumb peg on your hinge or a thumb knob on your button.
  • The most aggressive knurling you can achieve on a thumb peg - ensuring you get the grip you're looking for. 
  • ULTRAVIEW's pioneered through-hole design of the peg allows the mounting bolt to be inserted through the whole peg, and into your release to provide a wide range of compatibility and added strength.
  • 100% Proudly Made in the USA.
UV Slider™
UV Slider™
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