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BEEREAL Mathews Grip

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Style: Left Handed Shooter
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Chris Bee's choice Mathews grip

"This grip was designed to solve all common issues archers experience in their grip hand. Warmer to the touch, flat back allowing more consistent and steady hold, 5 degree angle which relaxes your forearm, textured back to help with slipping and increased shelf size for index finger protection from broadheads. I am super proud of this grip and recommend it for all Mathews shooters" - Chris

Compatible with any Mathews bow model 2019 or later with the removable Engage Grip.

  • Do your hands get cold when you're hunting? The BeeReal grip is manufactured from a high quality composite material that stays warm to the touch. If you look close, on the surface of the grip you can see the actual fibers in the material that help inhibit the heat transfer.
  • Do you struggle with holding steady? This grip features a flat back that helps with bow hand torque and yields a more steady hold. It also has an additional 5º angle which has also been proven to help steady your hold.
  • Does your hand slip on your grip? The honeycomb texture on the face of the grip provides the perfect amount of texture ensuring your hand never slips again.
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